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Wondering what telemedicine is all about? Want to know more about where the industry is going? Whether telemedicine is just a health tech fad or here to stay? What physicians and patients think about getting virtual care?

Get answers to all these questions and more with our new 2016 Trends in Telemedicine Whitepaper! You'll find the latest data from telemedicine pilot programs and patient and health provider surveys, ranging from how many health systems currently have telemedicine programs, to findings on how much telemedicine actually saves in healthcare costs.

Whether you're just starting to learn about the telemedicine industry, or trying to decide whether telemedicine makes sense for your practice, this report will help answer your questions.

With eVisit, healthcare providers can treat their patients anytime, anywhere. Our telemedicine platform lets providers connect with patients online via secure videochat.  A face-to-face patient visit is just a few clicks away.

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