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Free Webinar: 
How to Grow Your Medical Practice 3 Easy Steps!


About The Webinar

You'll Learn

1.       Increase patient & provider referrals

2.       Take the first steps to improve your online

3.       Offer a few key services patients most
            want when looking for a new provider



Join Lea Chatham, a fifteen year healthcare veteran and editor of the Getting Paid blog, to learn more about how to position your practice for growth in 2016.


About Our Speaker

Lea Chatham

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In recent surveys, many physicians have said that practice growth and increasing patient visits are their top priorities in 2016. There are a lot of effective ways to build your practice, but many take time and money - resources many healthcare providers just don't have.

In this eVisit® webinar, practice management expert Lea Chatham will walk you through three of the easiest ways you can maximize practice growth with minimal investment. 


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