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How to Create a Patient Engagement Framework


The Complete Guide for Physicians and Practice Managers

About the Guide

So, you're looking for ways to increase patient engagement but aren't sure where to start. How do you create a robust plan to really get patients involved in their care? How do you decide what tools and technology you'll need? How will you get staff on board? 

Our new, free guide, How to Build a Patient Engagement Framework, answers all these questions and more. This guide is your complete introduction to building a patient engagement framework for your practice. 

You'll Learn:

How to create your practice’s “patient engagement ideal case scenario” and then make your vision a reality.

How to choose the right tools and technology to engage your patients.

How to build a culture of engagement within your practice and get your office staff on-board.





eVisit is a physician-first telemedicine software built for SMB healthcare providers. The software allows healthcare providers to connect with and treat their patients remotely via secure, high-res video chat. Unlike competitors, eVisit is the only software for providers designed to facilitate telemedicine reimbursement from third party payers.

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