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Free Webinar: How to Build a Successful Telemedicine Program


Learn how to transform your practice with telemedicine, step-by-step

About The Webinar

You'll Learn

  • Common telemedicine workflow mistakes and questions you’ll need to answer
  • Telemedicine best practices you should implement
  • Suggestions on equipment set-up and technical tips to know
  • Strategies for marketing telemedicine to your patients


Teresa Iafolla is the Director of Content Marketing at eVisit.  Besides running eVisit's content program, Teresa works with the eVisit customer success team to research the top information, tools, and strategies providers need to successfully implement telemedicine into their practices. You can contact Teresa at

About Our Speaker

Teresa Iafolla

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As you probably already suspect, choosing the right telemedicine software for your practice is just one step on the road to building a successful telemedicine program. From there, you’ll need to train staff, get your equipment set-up, figure out your workflows, let patients know, and more.

The good news is, the path to building a successful telemedicine program in your practice is often simple once you know the steps.

At eVisit, our team has a lot of experience guiding providers from selecting a telemedicine solution all the way to “launch day,” and making sure the practice is set-up for success. In this webinar, we’ll guide you through the top tips and strategies that you’ll need to build a successful telemedicine program.

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