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Free Webinar: How to Become a

Concierge Doctor


Healthcare business consultant Nathaniel Arana explains how to transition your practice to a concierge model

About The Webinar

You'll Learn

Whether your patient population is right for concierge medicine.

The differences between concierge and direct primary care, and which is right for you.

How to decide what to charge.

How to tell your patients - the right way.






Nathaniel Arana is a nationally recognized healthcare business consultant. A physicians’ advocate, he has helped numerous practices boost their profitability by enabling them to focus on patient care. Nathaniel has also guided many practices through the transition to a concierge medicine model. To learn more, visit

About Our Speaker

Nathaniel Arana



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Considering a switch to concierge medicine? Not sure where to start or whether a concierge model is right for you? Tune in for our webinar and learn the key steps to becoming a concierge doctor.

While there are many benefits to concierge medicine – like less overhead and more personalized time with patients – transitioning takes work. Our speaker, healthcare business consultant Nathaniel Arana, will walk you through what you need to know. Nathaniel has helped many practices successfully make the jump to a concierge practice model.

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