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Free Webinar: What's the ROI of Telehealth?
Find out if telehealth is a smart investment for your practice

About The Webinar

You'll Learn

1.    How telehealth generates revenue 

2.    How to calculate your own telehealth ROI

3.    How one practice got to an ROI in 30 days


Teresa Iafolla is the Director of Content Marketing at eVisit.  As head of eVisit's content program, Teresa researches the latest trends, news, and best practices in the telehealth field, and strives to provide valuable telehealth resources for healthcare providers. You can contact Teresa at


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Teresa Iafolla

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With a staggering 90% of healthcare execs reporting they’re currently developing telehealth programs, it’s undeniable that telehealth is a fast-trending topic in the medical field.

But if you’re a healthcare provider, or a physician practice owner, you may be wondering – is telehealth worth it for my practice? How will telehealth actually help me generate revenue? Will it be worth the upfront costs?

In this eVisit® webinar, we’ll review why telehealth can make financial sense for many healthcare providers, across many different potential use cases. 

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