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How to Do a Telemedicine Visit:
The Ultimate Checklist


Ensure your telemedicine visits are glitch-free!

About the Checklists

Interested in doing telemedicine, but not sure your patients are tech-savvy enough? Are you intrigued by the possibilities of telehealth, but nervous about tech-glitches and equipment set-up getting in the way of quality patient visits?

As a telemedicine software provider, we know first hand that there's a learning curve when doctors and patients start using new technology. But that doesn't need to get in the way of high-quality virtual care.

Introducing our two Virtual Visit Checklists - one for the provider and one for the patient. Each checklist walks the provider or patient through the basic steps of getting set-up for telemedicine, preparing for the visit, and getting the most out of that online, video interaction. You'll get tips for setting up your equipment (with suggestions on quality webcams and microphones), checking your internet connection, troubleshooting common technical issues, and more general telemedicine best practices.

With eVisit, healthcare providers can treat their patients anytime, anywhere. Our telemedicine platform lets providers connect with patients online via secure videochat.  A face-to-face patient visit is just a few clicks away.

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Virtual visits,
without the technical difficulties.
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