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Free Webinar: How to Address

Physician Burnout


Physician Burnout consultant Doug Gray discusses top strategies for dealing with burnout

About The Webinar

You'll Learn

Trends & research done on physician burnout

How to identify burnout in yourself and others

Top strategies for treating physician burnout

How to find your way back to job satisfaction





Doug Gray, PPC is a Leadership Consultant and CEO and Founder of Action Learning. Since 1997, Doug has consulted hundreds of executive leaders in the Healthcare, Energy, Manufacturing, IT, Construction and Financial industries. Action Learning specializes in solutions for physician burnout and engagement.

About Our Speaker

Doug Gray

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Wondering if you're experiencing burnout? Looking for ways to prevent and address physician burnout in your staff? This webinar is for you.

Over 40% of physicians currently report burnout, and the overwhelming majority will experience burnout at some point in their careers. Luckily Doug Gray, a healthcare consultant and burnout expert, is here to guide you through the top strategies for addressing burnout.

This webinar will not only help you identify burnout in yourself and others, but take the steps to reduce your stress and get back to a better provider experience.


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