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Top Telemedicine Myths, Debunked


Dr. Glen McCracken, eVisit co-founder and ER physician, explains physicians' common misconceptions about telemedicine


About The Webinar

So, you’re considering adding telemedicine services to your practice, but aren’t sure about it. Won’t it be expensive to use? Do you really want to deal with more technology? Does all the hype actually add up?

Dr. Glen McCracken is here to answer your questions. He’ll review the top reasons physicians don't try telemedicine and why those reasons don’t hold up. In fact, by passing on telemedicine, many physicians are actually losing a valuable opportunity to boost practice efficiency and revenue.

You'll Learn

Why the top physician resistances to telemedicine are unsupported

How offering virtual visits, or “evisits,” can actually save your practice time and money

A physician’s perspective on telemedicine

How telemedicine could help your practice






Dr. Glen McCracken is a practicing ER physician with 25 years of experience. He has been named a Top Doctor of Phoenix several times, has served as President and CEO of Scottsdale Emergency Associates, and has worked as a CMO for several medical startup companies. Glen co-founded eVisit after recognizing the need for more accessible urgent care.

About Our Speaker

Glen McCracken, MD, MBA

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